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Configuration, RRC 1258 / fail to read reply error with HDR
« on: 2019-11-28, 19:56:43 »
So I have been using a remote rig for a  long time and always able to figure out the issues with it. Yesterday I bought a SingaLink from Tigertronics, plugged it into the data port of my TS480, and since that time yesterday afternoon, the entire link went down.

I cannot access the radio side remotely or even locally via USB at all. I have checked the radio side RRC, its settings, and nothing is abnormal there at all, yet the remote connectivity comes back saying "failed to read reply." I know it's not this hard seeing when HDR was version 5 I could do it all day long. The local serial connection with radio side RRC concerns me the most, I was right plugged in and none of the virtual COMs that came start it up at all.

Only things that changed were this SignaLink and an error of my netmask being the the gateway for my router.......why this had totaled and brought down the link, I am at a loss now. Yesterday morning I had full control and today, nothing.

So when I head home, nothing but SIP errors now. All ports are forwarded on my router. All cables for panel, mic and serial communications, all as they should be. SignaLink is still connected, which I don't think should make a difference.

Hardware, Cabling, Installations / No serial passthrough
« on: 2014-10-13, 23:16:33 »

I had just recently gotten the serial portion of my radio to through the Nano app, and it work really well, but the next part of what I wanted to try was to use Ham Radio Deluxe and from what I understood from other topics, there is another cable that comes from the control box on COM2 to the COM port on the PC and that when you start up HRD, you select your local COM port and it should all start up.

I have not had any luck at all. I found the design for the cable, followed that accordingly, switched on CTS and RTS on Ham Radio Deluxe and still it doesn't interact with the program. I tried DTS for luck, and still nothing. I checked the pin connections and they came back all right. I am a tad lost seeing all I want to use is the Digital Master program in HRD but I cannot figure out any other to use that program other than having all of HRD working. I am wondering, too, if the flow control on my PC serial port has to be set to Hardware, right now its "none." Also in the control box, should the COM2 port be set to Mode 4 or is it Mode 5, user defined?

Has anyone used the setup with Ham Radio Deluxe? Again, there is something I am not seeing.

General / RCC-nano Issues
« on: 2014-10-10, 16:31:57 »

I have installed both the apps on my Android phone and I have been trying to control my TS-480 for sometime now, seeing that instructions were rather clear on the site, but I can get no connectivity!

I have entered in all the information accordingly into the app. I have all the port and DDNS hostname in there as well with the password, etc. and no connectivity.

I have messed around with the serial connections and still do not understand how they work. I set up COM2 to the settings I have on the radio configuration, still nothing works! Is there a serial server via ethernet or some kind of network addressing with the serial ports I need to put in my phone. The serial has never worked at all! No serial port connection has ever worked in connecting via the Internet or local here on the LAN--they simply do not talk at all!

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