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I'm currently setting up another K3/0 (non-mini) twin system and experienced ground loop or noise ingress through the interconnecting mic cable. I've determined I could eliminate the noise by using a 600/600 ohm transformer directly at the rear mic jack on the K3/0 to supply the RRC control. This might have been my final solution but you cannot pass DC mic bias through a transformer if you need to use a condenser mic. My initial setup is thru the front K3/0 8 pin connector using the Heil Proset with a much lower audio level.

Close inspection of 2 of the "factory" AUX/MIC cables show no conformity to the schematic provided in the manual! The cables provided are lengthy CAT5/6 4 pair cable with short breakouts at the end with the PTT RCA connector and 1/8" mic connector. This factory cable is unshielded. Wires used for mic audio and mic return are from separate pairs, not from one twisted pair. Consequently, shielding is close to non-existent. PTT wiring is similar. Making up my own cables with longer shielded wires connected to a very short piece of CAT 5/6 at the RJ45 work much better! Leaving a long length of exposed mic wire is not good practice. This may work OK with high level signals and the majority of installs, but is a no-no for low level mic signals. A shielded piece of CAT 5/6 might also work for a starting point. If you are experiencing noise ingress you may wish to look at the cables.

73, John W1AN

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Microbit Virtual Com Ports Usable?
« on: 2015-03-13, 17:05:20 »
I'm trying to configure Microbit Virtual Com ports. Microbit virtual com ports 2, 4, 5 and the RRC1258 Com ports 6, 7, 8, 9. appear in device manager in Win7. I understand what the RRC1258 ports are and use them, but don't know much about the Microbit virtual ports.  If they could be configured for generic serial over ip they would be quite useful, but I cannot figure how to access the configuration. Windows 7 says they are "in use". And after an uninstall they reappear!

Any info on this  would be appreciated.
73, John W1AN

When using the K3/0 Mini, COM2 is empty at the local RRC. Is there a configuration option that lets you use COM2 for local CAT?
73, John W1AN

Hardware, Cabling, Installations / Com Ports
« on: 2015-01-21, 22:39:35 »
I'm confused about how the COM ports are defined. Digging through all the forum pages and docs only confuses me more.

I see COM0, COM1, COM2, COM3 mentioned in the docs and forum.

There is also a TTL to TTL pass thru for TS480, etc. Is this COM0 or something else? Can this port be redirected to COM1 or COM2? or from COM1, COM2, etc

Are COM1 and COM2 direct pass through ports? With software redirection in the setup?

Is COM0 an internal pass thru port with redirection from COM1 COM2 and TTL USB-COM?

Where is COM3? Is this port a virtual port from the USB on the RRC-C to RRC-R I/O and COM2?

In my K3 Twin setup is the TTL port available for a pass thru? Is the baud rate fixed or open?

A functional diagram would be helpful.
73, John W1AN

I am using the K3/0 Twin configuration and would like to use the TTL connection on the control unit for PC to Radio CAT to free up COM1 for a pass through for other devices. It appears I should be able to do this with one of the DB9 Serial to TTL devices using the MAX2323, or a USB to TTL converter.  Also, optionally I would like to use the TTL on the control unit for FSK with a level converter from RS232 TxD instead of the USB input. Also is it possible to change the usb port to an RS232 with a TTL converter? Any possibilities here?
73, John W1AN

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