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General / Any plan for Nano for FT857
« on: 2015-03-06, 20:34:52 »

I have tested my RRC with a FT-950 and after some problems I managed to make it work with Nano...

My main Remoterig is a FT-857 and I would be happy to now when are you planning to release a version for FT-857 or just if you are planning to do so.

Thank you.

Jaime, EA4TV

General / New to nano but with some problems
« on: 2015-02-23, 20:22:28 »
Hello all,
I have just arrived to Nano with my FT950.

I have managed to listen some signals... I am doing tests via wifi.

The worst things are the following:

- SIP Error is too frecuent. It is more usual that I can't connect than I can do it. So I am usually switching my RRC-radio and killing all my applications in my phone to try again. Let's say, it sometimes work. The problem is in the RRC (or in Nano), not in the radio as it connected once with the radio off an, I heared some noise until I switched on the radio and normal audio came to my phone.
I would say this is the worst problem I have found as it prevents me to use the software in a 95% of the times.

- I am still not able to control the FT950 from the application, frequency is not shown and I usually can't activate the PPT. I did it once, but never more. It seems that I still don't have CAT working very well...
I set serial speed to 38k4, 9k6 and 4k8 with the same effect. (Obviously in radio & RRC).
Wich port should I use to connect the CAT to the radio? I used COM1.

- I am missing a "debug" window or anything I could use to debug and try to find the error... Yes, it is a mobile application... but I am a ham and I need to know :-)

It's been my first 2 hours with Nano, so maybe there are still some settings to be found, but right now with just 2 hours of testing , I would not say that the application is ready for the general public.

I will keep trying to use Nano as it is a VERY promising application but today I will continue trusting my FT-857 with the separated control panel when I want to remote control my rig.

Jaime, EA4TV

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