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Dear OMīs,

we are using more than 15 RRC-1258 rigs in our club.
This is the only one, which does not work. Serial Nr: 14606
the problme shows up at every boot start. I can not start the RRC1258.
Anny suggestions?
The rig is still in warranty - so I donīt want to play around too much with it.

 Thanks and best 73s,

Christian DL6RDM

Hello dear development team, dear OMīs!

We have a blind OM in our club, in fact he is the chairman of our club here in straubing, U14.
For the operation of our club-owned two remote operated QTHīs he is using an RRC-1258 MkII.
To switch the QTHīs profiles, he has to (re)boot the RRC1258 and then turn the CW poti so, that the correct LED is on for boot.
To find the correct position with the knob is not the problem. I modificated the knob and the housing, so he can feel the knob with a "nose" to a small matching point at the front panel of the housing.

The problem is the time elapsed, before he must turn the potentiometer.
If he turns too early, it will not be noticed by the remote rig. Also not if he turn the cw knob too late.
It would help him very much, if the AD Converter reads out the poti anyway during startup to check for the wanted profile, and not only after it has been changed with a big turn within a certain time during startup.

Or there is another possibibilty for him, to get a accoustic signal, when the turn of the poti should start. But as far as I know, there is no piezo inside.

thanks very much, your help is highly appreciated.


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