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General / Nano K 1.6.4 Crashes every time (FIXED)
« on: 2023-07-21, 22:10:43 »
New RRC Nano user here...

I have a working RRC setup with TS-480, and COM 2 used as a CAT control.
It works great using the Kenwood front panel and ARCP-480 at the Control location.

I loaded the RRC Nano K 1.6.4 from the Play Store, and installed it on my Pixel 7, running Android 13.

Every time I try to start using the Nano, it crashes after I click the "Connect" button.
I believe the connection settings are correct because:

1) after the Nano crashes, there is a "Connected" icon left behind on the display.

2) If try to use the Kenwood front panel after the Nano crashed, I get the "busy signal" beep, indicating that the Remote RRC already has an active connection.

Any suggestions why the App crashes, and more importantly any suggestions how to fix the issue?


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