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Hi All,

I am trying to help a friend who just bought a new PC-Client.  I own a 1274A and it works great.  I use a headset/boom mic and plug each into the PC-Client dongle.  His new one apparently connects via USB and expects you to plug in the headset/boom mic directly into the laptop.  The laptop he's using does not have a mic input (it does have a built-in panel mic and audio out).  I'm using the exact same laptop but I have the older 1274A.  The audio out and PTT functions work fine but there is no audio in.

Ideas?  Or does he need the older 1274A to be compatible?

Thanks in advance and 73,

Harold W0HJW

Feature Requests / Feature Request TS-2000
« on: 2016-08-11, 02:15:28 »
I am using the Nano-App with a TS-2000 located about 500 km away.  It works fine but I would like to see the VFO/Memory switch implemented.  That should be the same as a TS-480.  I have many 2M and 70cm repeaters set up as memories.

Thanks very much and 73,
Harold W0HJW

General / How to download without Google Play?
« on: 2015-04-01, 22:48:44 »
I just bought a small Android-based tablet.  It is an Ematic EGM003, which uses Android 4.4.4 as its OS and has 8 GB of memory.  Unfortunately it does not have Google Play as one of its apps.  I can use the browser to connect to the Google Play page and I can find the Server and Radio-Specific downloads but it will not let me download because it does not have the Google Play app itself.

Is there a way around this?  Perhaps from Amazon?  Perhaps e-mailing the apps as attachments?  Or is it just the wrong tablet?

Thanks in advance and 73,

Harold W0HJW

I have been using the PC Client with software version 1.4.0 - so it was time to update.  I'm using it with a TS-2000 - laptop is running Windows XP.  I removed the old version before installing  The installation went smoothly, but ............

It is not possible to change the IP Address or the Port.  You can type in new numbers but cannot get rid of the old ones.  Other fields seemed to work OK.

After deleting and re-installing to be sure I had not done something wrong I gave up.  I then installed version - that works fine - so whatever problem was introduced was done with the latest software.

Thanks in advance and 73,

Harold W0HJW

General discussion / My PC Client - Where Is It?
« on: 2011-10-14, 00:49:29 »
HELP!!!  I don't find anywhere else to write this so I'll put it here in the Forum.  I ordered the RemoteRig PC Client Sept. 27th.  It was shipped Sept. 28th according to your e-mail to me.  Today is Oct. 13th and I have not received it.  Your website shows priority delivery should be 2-5 business days.  I realize I'm in California and it might take a little longer - but not this long.  It cost $36 for priority shipping.  For $36 you could have sent a small box that weighs 300 grams via FedEx International and I would have received it in a few days.

The problem may very well be with the U.S. Postal System.  The last tracking information shows it dropping into a black hole Oct. 5th.  However, priority shipping should mean some method of tracking a small package.

I bought this for a trip and there should have been plenty of time.  I will be leaving on that trip in 8 days.  If it is lost then I need a replacement shipped ASAP by a method that is fast and has some form of package tracking.

Harold W0HJW

Hi All,

I'm sure we have one little thing wrong, but we have not been successful using a TS-480 outside of our local area network.

First - this is two separate problems.  I am Harold, W0HJW and I have a TS-480SAT - my brother Dave WA6DIL lives down the street with a TS-480HX.
We had a small problem with red jumpers on Dave's unit (the connector was installed backwards) - that is now working fine.  Each of us have our
RemoteRig units working perfectly inside of our own LAN.

We have each set up DynDNS and I think we have them entered correctly.  We have been able to ping each others units correctly.  In fact, we can
actually connect to each others RR Radio units remotely and change parameters remotely.  However, we cannot actually turn the unit on remotely.
I'm sure we have one parameter set wrong.

I don't know if this is an issue or not - every LAN can operate in one of two different domains ( or  Dave's network
runs in the "0" domain and mine runs in the "1" domain.  We each have the correct domain in our respective units.  So - first question - if we have
DHCP set up correctly on the RR Control unit - does it care which domain it is in?  If my home network works in one domain and I try to connect from a hotel somewhere that uses the other domain - does that cause a problem?

Dave's router IP address is (which I think is more normal).

My router IP address is (this is an ATT Yahoo! DSL router).

Both routers have the correct ports forwarded.

My setup is as follows:
Control Unit
DHCP - Yes
IP Addr
Ext IP Host (my actual IP address going into my router)
If I understand this correctly - with DHCP selected the only number that is important is the Ext IP Host address so the RR Control Unit knows where to talk to.

Radio Unit
IP Addr
Ext IP Host (my actual IP address going into my router)

Does any of this look wrong?

Thanks in advance and 73,

Harold W0HJW and Dave WA6DIL

Hi All.  I am a newbie and am having fun operating remotely with a TS-480.  It works super!!!

Thanks to third-party hardware/software there is limited controllability with such older radios like a TS-930S (PIEXX digital board) and TS-440 (2 internal chips and special cables).  For example, the TS-930S/PIEXX allows VFO A/B change, pre-programmed frequency change and band change.  The TS-440 allows those plus mode change.  With those limitations, I can locally control either my TS-930 or TS-440 using Ham Radio Deluxe.  However, the only thing I can get using RemoteRig is receiver audio.

I realize these radios were designed long before RemoteRig and the internal software/firmware in the RemoteRig was probably not designed for such early radios.  I can't get Ham Radio Deluxe to start via RemoteRig.  I do get receiver audio (simple on/off since the volume control is not controllable).  PTT and transmit audio does not work.

Does anyone have any ideas or is that all I should expect from ancient radios.  :)

Thanks in advance and 73,  Harold W0HJW

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