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SteppIR 1216H,  fw 4.59.
Have SteppIR, get QRG via serial (from steppIR serial OUT, Kenwood 4800 8N2 ) .
Cannot set the serial details on 1216H ( baudrate, trx model 8n2).
I believe it must be on "Serial Settings". There are no items to set, just the "Submit" button.
"Online" is blinking green/white.
Cannot operate SteppIR directly.
TRX frequency not shown.
Helmut, OE1TKW

General discussion / Re: Install does not setup com port
« on: 2017-03-15, 14:09:06 »
could you please share the hint you gave.
I have the same Problem.

vy 73 es tnx
Helmut, OE1TLKW

I use the PC Client on my XP and Windows 7 computer, for the PC Client.

When the Network Interface changes (e.g. when one uses WLAN, and next time switch off the WLAN and use the LAN Cable )
on the next start of PC Client the message pops up:
Error: The Object Reference was not linked to an Object Instance.

At XP I can enter the settings, store the now used Network Interface , and proceed.

At my Windows7 32bit installation ( I start the PC Client with XP SP3 compatibility and as Administrator)  ,
I cannot enter the settings and the PC Client writes:
InvalidArgument=Value with the Value 0 is invalid for SelectedIndex.
Parametername: SelectedIndex.

was my parameter file destroyed?

tnx es 73
Helmut, OE1TKW


General discussion / CW speed does not change
« on: 2013-03-26, 23:22:26 »
Has anyone else the same problem :
Thogh I want to change the CW speed, it does not change in fact.
I use settings, CW Speed, change it and store it by clicking ok.
it shows the changes value, when settings is called up again.
Then I connect again. 
However, the TX ( FT-2000) still sends in the same speed.
I reduce from 15 to 10 to 5 WPM, no effect, the Function Key ( F2 in my case) still sends with the same speed.

I can provide a Debug file.

Second, more general question: it is impractical to have to disconnect and re-connect to change the speed.
Why isn't this possible during the connection...?

73 es tnx
Helmut, OE1TKW
I run release 1.6.4 Beta.

General discussion / Re: CW extra character
« on: 2013-02-24, 21:37:26 »
the beta fix works prefect for me.
Thanks !

Helmut, OE1TKW

General discussion / Re: CW extra character
« on: 2013-02-12, 20:06:05 »
Same behaviour here.
CQ DE OE1TKW , K and W doubly sent.
checked with two remote RRCS ( one for K3, one for FT-2000)
when sending,
the chars CQ DE OE1T turn white immediately, sending begins, ( sent chars turning black )
during transmission K and W individually turn white ,
and these are sent twice.
( what does the white colour mean?)
if the string is longer, all chars after "CQ DE OE1T"  are sent twice.

I believe some buffer problem within the PC client.
OS is Windows Vista.
Will debug as described in the thread.
Helmut, OE1TKW

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