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General / Re: Nano for iphone users
« on: 2015-03-08, 17:26:53 »
I hope you will reconsider making the app for iPhone and iPad.  You have done this for the 1216H switch and I use it quite successfully on both Apple devices. I am am sure there is a large community of potential users for the IOS app not only in the US, but elsewhere.  15% of a huge number is a huge number.

Also, I am a (happy) K3/0 mini to K3/100 remote via intent user with RemoteRig. I use a single wire antenna for all bands and all segments of each band using the ATU in the K3/100. The ability to turn on (push and hold the button) and adjust (tap the button for best match) the ATU with the app is essential; without that I could not use the app   -----  Buzz, W3EMD

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