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My wife, and now my accountanat, have advised me that I have too many half completed ham projects pending and something(s) have to go.  For the time being my Remoterig effort is temporarily one of the casualties.  I have the sbove for sale together with two 1258-PS-USA power supplies for $425.00 with the buyer paying the shipping from Baltimore 21228.  Please reply off line to or 410 960 4170. I SHALL RETURN ;-)   Tnx es 73,  Tom K3MOV      [/color]           

General discussion forum / SKY COMMANDII
« on: 2011-03-28, 17:01:19 »
I just ordered a Kenwood TS 590 and have been reading about the Kenwood Sky CommandII system for the first time.  Can someone give me a brief pros and cons between the Remoterig and the Sky CommandII systems?  Thanks es 73.

General discussion forum / Re: REMOTERIG ON LINE MANUAL
« on: 2011-03-09, 08:25:48 »

Thanks for the links.  The longer one did the trick.  For some reason the link I had bookmarked and used previously to take me right to the manual started taking me to a non-working site.

Tnx agn es 73, Tom K3MOV

P.S.  Steve Gilmore of HRO is going to help me with the 706MkIIG cable.

General discussion forum / REMOTERIG ON LINE MANUAL
« on: 2011-03-09, 01:19:15 »
I haven't been able to open the Remoterig on line manual for two two days.  Is it down or do I have a problem on my end? Thanks, Tom K3MOV

General discussion forum / WANT TO BUY CABLE FOR IC 706MkIIG
« on: 2011-02-26, 22:02:02 »
Unfortunately, due to a medical condition, I am unable to even think about constructing a cable for my IC 706.  Fortunately, I am in a position pay someone reasonable compensation to make one for me.  If you are interested, please be kind enough to let me know.

Tnx es 73, Tom Baxter K3MOV

FWIW, in the 2010 ARRL publication titled "Remote Operating for Amateur Radio" Steve Ford states as follows on page 7-19:

In early 2010, Mikael Styrefors, SM2O, developed a device known as the RRC-1258MkII.  This is a completely self contained "turnkey" solution for remote control of several types of ICOM, Kenwood, Yaesu and Elecraft transceivers.  The RRC-1258MkII is actually sold as a package of two devices: one placed at the host transceiver and the other at the client location.  They handle not only the command and control functions, but also the audio stream.  Therefore, a computer at the host location is unnecessary unless you need it to control other items such as antenna rotators.  The disadvantage, on the other hand, is that every client would need to have an RRC-1258.  If you're putting together a remote station that is intended for a single client, this isn't an issue, but it would be problematic for multiple users.  When this book went to press, the RRC-1258MkII package was selling for $450.00 and could be ordered online at

73, Tom K3MOV

My doctor told me to start walking. Knew I wouldn't do it if I wasn't
hamming. Decided to put together a pedestrian mobile station and walk
around tracks at nearby high schools and colleges. Obtained a small
laundry cart which I was going push around tracks. Cart would hold my
7000, 22 ah battery and MFJ 1788 Magnetic Loop antenna. Antenna finally
arrived today for assembly this weekend......then a light went off. Why
am I toting all this stuff around when I could operate 7000 remotely?

I saw a neat setup made in Sweden and sold by HRO called Remoterig
RRC-1258MkII. Unfortunately, it doesn't play well with the 7000. Then
I saw a YouTube video

<> )
 of a Japanese ham operating his 7000 with his iPhone.

I am not particularly computer literate so I ordered the ARRL manual
titled "Remote Operating for Amateur Radio: Ham Radio, the Internet and
Remote Station Control". But I would like to hear from anyone who has
operated remote such as I have described and let me know the pros and
cons of what I am getting into.

Tnx much and best 73, Tom K3MOV

P.S.  Or would be simpler just to get another TS 480SAT and go the REMOTERIG route?  I had a 480 before I bought the IC 7000 and found it to be a very nice rig.

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