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Hardware, Cabling, Installations / Re: TMV71 issues
« on: 2012-05-13, 14:55:11 »

Yes I used the configuration of the cables for the D710 - the front panels for those two radios are interchangeable.

The software in the remoterig boxes in the Kenwood mode does not recognise the power-on command - that is different on the D710 and the TM-V71.
There for on COM-0 I used program mode 3 (that for Yaesus radios) that is transparent, and opens op a connection right away.

I used the telnet debug mode of the Remoterig boxes to see if the serial data was coming thru - that might help you.

The connecetion is not 100% stable - but it works. I tried it from a hotel room in Norway and back to my QTH in Copenhagen Denmark. The network on the hotel was WIFI, so I shared it using my Laptop.

I even tried to use com 2 to control my Yaesu 857, and with some relays and the I/O ports I was able to use both my radios. The Kenwood with front and the Yaesu on Ham radio deluxe.

I have now changed my RemoteRig configuration to use only my Yaesu 857 radio instead that with the new firmware that can move the front too.


Martin OZ1MAR


A have a configuration where i would like to control a antenna relay with a Switch on IN0 on the control end.
When the switch is active and power is connected to the RRC 1258 MK2 control end - the unit does not boot, and is not active on the USB port nor ethernet.
If the switch is inactive the units starts normaly.

I run the latest firmware 2.54 with a Yaesu 857 with front detached.

I also think my menus look old (without gray background), and does not always load propperly. Is this due to an old bootloader? Can this be upgraded?
Serial no is below 3000.
73 de OZ1MAR

Hardware, Cabling, Installations / Yaesu 857
« on: 2012-02-07, 12:08:44 »
I have been working on the cabeling for the 857, and i wonder why it was adopted in the manual for connection off the controlpanel to the TTL connector insted of making a Y-cable spillter for controlpanel and mic - this would make the modification obsolete. Is the data signal level not the same on those two (mic/aus and ttl) when strapped correctly inside?
So is it possible to make cableling outside the remoterig boxes to avoid modification inside, besides straps?
73 Martin

I Have just made it work from my livingroom to my office (local lan) on a Kenwood TM-V71E.
Notes on configuration
Does not work with the kenwood mode, but use program mode 3, Yaesu 8x7.
Start with the kenwood D710 AUX/MIC configuration, but swop the two grounds in both ends  (MIC ground is on pin4, and GND is on pin6.)
In the Radio end ad 8 volt PWR to pin 7 = light in michrophone. Keypad on mic not connected/working.
Jumper 1 not installed
Jumper 2 installed. (8 volt).
Hope this can help any one out there.
Codec inp gain 38 (might need some adjustment).
Martin OZ1MAR

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