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Set the parameter Auto connect to "No" on the radio setup page

73 de mke

Hi Mike,

thats it . Problem Fied  .  Thanks You.

73 de DO2TE


Problem after the Update 2.65 at the Local RRC.
I Switched of the Ts-480 (Button) and it will Switch on Again (from self), no way put it off only powersupply off.
A Test with the old Firmware , there is no Problem. 

Anyone the Same Problem ?

73 de DO2TE

Hardware, Cabling, Installations / Ts480 Pinout
« on: 2012-02-28, 09:33:29 »
Ts-480 Pinout

MINI Din 8 Pol
Vorderansicht auf die Buchse am Funkgerät

Pin No. Pin
Name Function
1 SPO Speaker output

2 COM Common terminal of the relay

3 SS    Ground this terminal to transmit.
ANI (DATA connector) terminal
turns OFF.

4 MKE   Connects to COM (pin 2) when
the transceiver transmits.

5 BRK   Connects to COM (pin 2) when
the transceiver receives.

6 ALC    ALC input from amplifier (–7 V)

7 LR   Approx. +12 V DC is output when
the transceiver transmits
(10 mA max.).

8 RTK   RTTY (FSK) keying input.
Ground this terminal to alternate
Mark and Space.
– Ground

Vorderansicht auf die Buchse am Funkgerät

Pin No. Pin
Name Function
1 ANI Audio input from MCP/ TNC
2 ANG Audio signal ground
3 DTS   Ground this terminal to transmit.
When it is grounded, the
microphone input turns OFF.
4 NC    No connection
5 ANO    Audio output for MCP/ TNC
6 SQC   Squelch status
• Squelch open: Low impedance
• Squelch close: High impedance
GND Ground

73 de DO2TE

Hardware, Cabling, Installations / Re: I/O Port Connection
« on: 2011-11-06, 14:27:32 »
Hi Mitchel,


73 de DO2TE

Hardware, Cabling, Installations / I/O Port Connection
« on: 2011-11-06, 11:46:39 »
Hi All,

in The Manual Page 17

I/O Pins
Pin3  Out2
Pin5 Out0
Pin6 Out1

in Manual Page 78  NEW RTTY
I/O Pins

Pin3 Out1
Pin5 Out0
Pin6 Out2

Which Page is Correctly?

73 DO2TE

Hello Group

i used the follow Hardware.

´remotrig connected with com2 to the cat control.
Cat Control Works fine.

I create a Kabel for the MikeJack.(remoterig)   (Ptt, Ptt Ground,Mic, Mic Ground)
When i push(Close) the ptt on the Mikeconnector it works fine.with my Headset

Now the Problem

i want to use Hamradio deluxe for Psk31.

Wenn the HRD Push the PTT via Cat for Psk31, the Ts-480 make the ptt but not sending a Signal via Mikejack.
Ist there any Setup in a Menu to aktivate the Mikejack?

I read in another Forums it works with the Data Jack?!?!?  but the Data jack has a distance from 100 Km :)

anyone any ideà?

bye DO2TE ???

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