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I finally, after several months of hard work, activated my remote location (pics ). RemoteRig worked fine till today. See the attached image. The mini USB broke off, and I'm unable to control the station via my logging software, unable to control my rotator, etc.

I'm not sure if I can fix it somehow. I don't see how, but if anyone can think of some quick solution, please let me know. Also, are these units covered by warranty?

HNY 2014 to all.

73 Marvin VE3VEE

I have the following:
- A pair of RRC-1258MkIIs
- TS-480SAT
- Web Power Switch 7 by Digital Loggers, Inc.

The above equipment has been tested at a remote location 40 km from home, and it has worked reliably for the past two weeks.

The next step is to move the equipment to a different remote location, 190 km from home, where a 100 ft tower is awaiting. I have not yet purchased a rotator and related accessories, nor have I purchased an antenna yet. I've been considering a 20m monoband Yagi (undecided yet if 3, 4, or 5 elements).


1. I'm thinking of buying Yaesu G-1000DXA rotator, but I'm open to suggestions of different makes and models.

2. If I go with Yaesu G-1000DXA, do I need the included Control Box? I think I do. Or is there another control box by a different manufacturer more suitable for remote operation?

3. Do I need to buy Yaesu GS-232B? Is this all I need, or:

4. Do I also need to buy RC-1216H?

The way I think all this works is as follows: The Yaesu rotor cable goes to the the Yaesu control box, a cable from the Yaesu control box goes to Yaesu GS-232B, and a cable from Yaesu GS-232B goes to RC-1216H.

Am I understanding all this correctly, or am I making it too complicated? Can it work just the same without RC-1216H by plugging GS-232 to my RRC-1258MkIIs? If yes, what software would I use on my laptop to control the rotator?

I'm completely new to this, and any answers will be greatly appreciated. I want to avoid buying the wrong or unneeded equipment.

73 Marvin VE3VEE

Would it be possible to include in one of the future firmware updates the "Uptime" value on the "Info" page to show Days, Hours, Minutes, and Seconds instead of just Seconds?

Thanks for your kind consideration.

73 Marvin VE3VEE

Hello all,

I will be setting up my first remote station in a rural area where internet is expensive. Would you guys be kind to share how many GB per month does your remote rig use and also how many hours per month you use the station? Low usage / moderate usage / heavy user? What can I expect my monthly internet usage be?

73 Marvin VE3VEE

New RRC set
New user
Testing via home LAN (0 ms latency)

Playing a single dash results in transmitting three dots. If I want to send two dashes the TCVR sends 5 dots instead. Dots I can send just fine, it's only the dashes that it doesn't generate. However, I can hear my CW just fine from the TS-480 panel, but the TCVR transmits only dots, not a single dash. I first observed it as I attempted to make a test QSO. The station I called as "de ve3vee" answered: "h5hee" or something like that. That gave me the idea to monitor my transmitted signal with another RX.

I played with the delay settings, but that has no effect on anything as there's no latency issue here (testing just via home LAN).

I searched this forum, but it seems no-one has posted about this issue before.

73 de VE3VEE

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