Author Topic: TS-480 Cat via Com2 HRD Psk31 Problem  (Read 4184 times)


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TS-480 Cat via Com2 HRD Psk31 Problem
« on: 2011-10-20, 17:34:55 »
Hello Group

i used the follow Hardware.

īremotrig connected with com2 to the cat control.
Cat Control Works fine.

I create a Kabel for the MikeJack.(remoterig)   (Ptt, Ptt Ground,Mic, Mic Ground)
When i push(Close) the ptt on the Mikeconnector it works fine.with my Headset

Now the Problem

i want to use Hamradio deluxe for Psk31.

Wenn the HRD Push the PTT via Cat for Psk31, the Ts-480 make the ptt but not sending a Signal via Mikejack.
Ist there any Setup in a Menu to aktivate the Mikejack?

I read in another Forums it works with the Data Jack?!?!?  but the Data jack has a distance from 100 Km :)

anyone any ideā?

bye DO2TE ???
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