Author Topic: New firmware for RRC-1258-all v2.46  (Read 4759 times)


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New firmware for RRC-1258-all v2.46
« on: 2011-11-03, 15:31:04 »
News in version 2.46:

- New function: Support for Elecraft K3 Twin.
New function: Support Profile change from Microbit Setup Manager ( from v1.12)
New function: Support for Full Duplex.
New function: Busy and Error tones can be disabled.
New function: Type of Service (ToS) is selectable for use with QoS.
New function: The RTTY keying signal can be inverted.
New function: USB COMFSK RTS signal controls PTT.
New function: PTT can be controlled by keyer to avoid Hot switching.
- Fix: The USB handling is completely changed to make it stable.
Fix: Better information about the connection at the status page.
Fix: Speaker is now not muted when sending RTTY makes it possible to hear the RTTY-sidetone from the Radio.
Upgrade to Microbit Setup manager v1.12 if you use the USB for logging etc.