Author Topic: New firmware v1.24 for the Webswitch released  (Read 4217 times)


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New firmware v1.24 for the Webswitch released
« on: 2011-11-25, 15:56:30 »
New user requested functions are implemented.

These are the Radio related functions:

- Rather heavily modified analogue rotator support. Itís now possible to select input voltage range either between 0-2.55V or between 0-5.10V(was used before), as well as resolution from 8-15 bits. Note that the A/Dís accuracy is only 8 bits so a higher resolution isnít necessary better.  10 bits was used in previous versions.

- Added support for Idiom Press rotator controllers.

- Made it possible to activate more than one relay simultaneous when using the automatic antenna switch feature. Also added a 5 minutes time out which will inactive all relays if frequency information stops coming.

Download it here

73 de mike