Author Topic: Lost packets - lost CMD  (Read 4728 times)


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Lost packets - lost CMD
« on: 2010-01-26, 20:37:07 »
Hello all

i have the problem :

if i lost some audio pakets, i also lost some CMD packets.
very often my PTT at the remote station stand longer than i do it.
The display of the RC2000 some time is only half - rest comes secounds later.
or i turn the VFO - example change VHF Repeater - i hear the next channel but
the display is on the "old" QRG

In the audio stream its no problem to lost some pakets but lost pakets from the CMD
stream isnt really good.

Its very bad with 3G connection but also in the LAN .

Could it be a solution to pu the CMD streams into a TCP stream without the audio ?

best 73
de Carsten


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Re: Lost packets - lost CMD
« Reply #1 on: 2010-01-27, 23:35:36 »
Hi Gaby! ;)

If you have that trouble even on the same network then there's something wrong in your setup! With proper network setup and RTT of 1-2 ms (as usual on local network) you should never have such a problem. Even in my remote installation with 75-90 ms internet delays that does only occur if there's somebody doing a download on the remote end (only 1 Mbit/s DSL there) so a clear bandwidth problem.

How are your audio quality settings? Have you tried to lower them to 0 for a start? In my configuration I can only use 0 or 3, otherwise I will only get sound (or not even that) but no display or only with very big delays as you described, too. Simply a problem of bandwidth and/or latency.

73, Olli


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Re: Lost packets - lost CMD
« Reply #2 on: 2010-04-19, 19:52:31 »
Hi, I have same problems. 3-4 times press power button on RC-2000 before rig switch it on or off.
Sometimes rig switch off but RC-2000 is still connected.

All working ok in LAN. Problem exist if i work over internet. 2M/768k ADSL in rig side and 5M/5M in remote side.

I think that TCP for commands is good solution.