Author Topic: Remoterig with TS-480, EXPERT 1k FA and LOGGER32  (Read 8255 times)


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Remoterig with TS-480, EXPERT 1k FA and LOGGER32
« on: 2013-01-26, 19:50:05 »
Hi all,

I have an EXPERT 1k FA since about two weeks. And I have problems with Transceiver CAT (Frequency Data to Logbook).

Who is using the same hardware configuration and it is works well?

I need / have: at control site TS-480 Paneel, Remoterig RRC-1258 MK II Control, Logbook LOGGER32

at TRX Site, TS-480 TRX, Remoterig RRC-MK II Radio, EXPERT 1kFA, Webswitch (doesnt play a role here)
RS232 from TS-480 is at the CAT1 Interface of the EXPERT (15 pin SubD), for Bandinformation. When I change
the band here at the paneel, the EXPERT change the band too, without an transmittin a DIT or whatever.

How I can get the Bandinformation (Frequency, Mode, clicking Cluster spots etc.) now also to my Logbook ? Do I need an Y-cable for COM or something else at the Radio site?

73! Andy, DL5CW


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Re: Remoterig with TS-480, EXPERT 1k FA and LOGGER32
« Reply #1 on: 2013-01-26, 22:40:33 »

The correct method is:

- Connect serial cable between TS-480 CAT and RRC COM2
- RRC COM2 should be in mode-4
- Connect serial cable between SPE and RRC COM1. Take care that the pinout is "mirrored"
  from COM2, look at the diagram in the manual.
- RRC COM1 should be in mode-6 (or mode-7 if you want to use two CAT ports remotely)

Then it will sync just fine. If you need more help, just e-mail me directly at dj0qn (at),
I can help in German as well  ;)

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX
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