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RRC Micro PC Client update 1.6.3
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> In last version the backspace key did not work in text fields. Now fixed

Download here

First of all.
The Microbit Comports will not be visible in the Control Panel Device Manager until they are used.
That's a new behavior. So don't worry if you don't see them directly after an installation. They will show up when they are used.

We have found that a clean install works fine.
However an update from a previous version 1.6.1 or older has an error.
This will be fixed in later releases. This error can be solved quite easy by following this procedure.

  • Before installing. Uninstall the previous version. (This will not remove your settings).
  • Install the new version. You will get a complaint about a missing dll when you start.
  • End the program and install again (don't uninstall before doing that).
  • Now everything should work

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