Author Topic: RRC Micro PC Client update 1.6.4  (Read 5224 times)


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RRC Micro PC Client update 1.6.4
« on: 2013-02-22, 10:14:43 »

  • Same color on Contact field as the other fields in the Profile editor
  • Changed default ports SIP=13000, RTP=13001, CMD=13002

  • Some illegal character in the Contact fields was previous allowed, causing an save error.
    Now only legal contact characters are allowed. Those are letters, digits, -, _ and space.
  • Double and missing characters in CW-keying

If your previous version is 1.6.1 or older uninstall previous version first. After  you might get problems with
the virtual COM ports on some computes. If thatís the case, please install again a second time. That normally
fixes those problems. Not needed if your current version is 1.6.2 or newer

This version needs RRC firmware 2.68 or newer

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