Author Topic: RRC Micro Manual?  (Read 4344 times)


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RRC Micro Manual?
« on: 2014-04-21, 11:38:39 »
Why is there no PDF manual for the RRC Micro PC?  It took me a while to find the several pages that have the information and cut/paste it into my homemade manual.  It would be helpful to have a manual that puts it all in one place.  Also, a little operational information as to what to expect would help.

Paper is always nice to have and makes a nice place to take notes for the future.

Thanks Joe


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Re: RRC Micro Manual?
« Reply #1 on: 2014-04-21, 16:49:08 »
Hi Joe.

I can understand you point there.
Lets see what we can do about that.

Sorry for any inconvenience


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Re: RRC Micro Manual?
« Reply #2 on: 2014-05-15, 08:27:37 »
As an update I can inform that we will produce a PDF manual.
I can't give any release date for that though.