Author Topic: K3 TWIN - how to set up RRC 1258 and TRX manager with no K3-0  (Read 2794 times)

I4GAD Enrico

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Hello friends,

I'm using since long time two remote rigs at my home (a K3 Twin and a TS-480) when I'm abroad.
When I'm travelling ligth, I carry with me an RRC Micro that is an ideal solution to control the TS-480  using a PC running TRX-Manager instead of the TS-480 panel.
Surprisingly, few days ago I discovered that the RRC Micro works fine also with the K3 setup, with the only limitation of a single audio channel that prevent to benefit of the SUB receiver.
I wish now  use the RRC  1258 Control instead of the RRC Micro, to have a stereo audio and  the CW keyer, connected to the PC running TRX-Manager, but it should work with no changes into my 1258 Radio set for the  K3 Twin, in order to give me a full flexibility: K3-0 when possble or just a software control if not.
What is the right "Program Mode" on the RRC 1258 Control when the K3-0 is not available ?
4 (Yaesu,Kenwood, Elecraft) or 14 (Elecraft K3 Twin) ?? Any other parameter need to be set ?
Thanks for any suggestion.

Enrico I4GAD