Author Topic: RRC Micro PC Client update 1.6.11b  (Read 9205 times)


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RRC Micro PC Client update 1.6.11b
« on: 2013-10-31, 09:07:16 »
This is a BETA and may contain errors.

1.6.11 Beta

   > A Default profiles exist after installation. Only SIP address
     needs to be added.
   > Installation selects Microbit 1274A Audio as Mic and Speaker by default

   > Changed order of Audio and Command Port fields to match the order they are
     in the webpage
   > Debug file is now in HTML format and is found at <documents folder>/MicrobitLogs/RRCMicro.html
    > Removed Email from Trial registration as its not used.
   > User interface redesigned to make operation more easy

   > In demo/trial version you wont get an error message about microphone now.
   > CW-character '-' was not sent. Fixed
   > CW-transmission will now be aborted by pressing Escape key
      Clear key only clears the text, while Escape clears text AND aborts transmission
   > Mic and Speaker Volumes are now stored and restored properly
   > Now accepts 3G and 4D dongles as Network interface. This did not
     work in all situations before.
   > Copy and Paste now works in Profile fields
   > Delete now works in Profile fields