Author Topic: Radio RRC does not answer to ping but works  (Read 5531 times)


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Radio RRC does not answer to ping but works
« on: 2013-11-12, 00:28:23 »
I have noticed that my radio RRC can't be pinged even though the RRC is working and its webinterface can be accessed as it should. This makes fault finding in the network layer difficult as I use ping to check for hardware and network problems.

My documentation is in the enclosed screen dump. Both RRC and my pc are on the same network mask My control RRC .227 can be pinged as it should, but radio RRC .228 can't even though its webinterface is available. I have checked that the webinterface screen is not coming from a cache and it updates nicely from a box that can't be pinged. Both RRC's are cabled to my wifi router and the RRC's have no wifi card inside. The radio RRC has a ping watch dog running OK against the ADSL router and it can ping out, but not even from the ADSL router can I ping the radio RRC.

I think this is an error which has showed up in one of the later fireware releases as I seem to recall ping worked many months ago.

73, Palle, OZ1RH.


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Re: Radio RRC does not answer to ping but works
« Reply #1 on: 2013-11-12, 08:30:11 »
There is no changes made to the IP-stack the last years, there is no other reports of PING problems either so I guess you have some trouble with your local Network environment. Try to connect the RRC direct to the PC.

73 de mke


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Re: Radio RRC does not answer to ping but works
« Reply #2 on: 2018-10-29, 19:36:54 »
FYI, I find exactly the same issue . . . even when connected to the same router, I can ping the Control unit ( but NOT the Radio unit (  Otherwise, all is working OK, and I can reconfigure either unit via the web interface, so I only want to do the ping to test network latency.  This happens when I have both units at my remote location (with a Verizon ADSL router) and with both units at my control point (with a Verizon FIOS router).  The ping watchdog even works OK, so the Radio unit can make a ping, it just does not respond.  I am using current hardware and firmware (purchased in mid-2018).