Author Topic: Noise in TX audio when connected via WiFi at home  (Read 3816 times)


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Noise in TX audio when connected via WiFi at home
« on: 2014-07-26, 20:00:42 »
A strange issiu I've just observed. When my RRC at home is connected to the Internet via WiFi, there is a lot of strange noise in my audio as soon as I press PTT. I don't even need to talk and I can see my watt-meter jumping quite a lot very high. However, when I connect to the Internet via Ethernet cable, there's no noise in my audio and the watt-meter doesn't move when I press PTT and don't talk.

This is as if the microphone was picking up RF, and even the mic and processor settings have effect on the level of noise, but my radio station is over 100 kilometers away...

Any ideas what I could do to solve this mystery? I've opened the RRC to make sure the WiFi board was seated well an the antenna connector was tightened.

73 Marvin VE3VEE

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