Author Topic: RF NOISE AT 2-4 Mhz  (Read 1879 times)


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« on: 2020-03-01, 19:10:03 »
I have operated my remoterig for half a year now. The radio part is in my cabin, far out in the woods where there is normally noise-free at HF. After installing the remote part I struggle with 5-7 S in noise. I have taken "the circuit breaker" test and - not surprisingly - found that the noise comes from the equipment connected to remotrig. Power supply for remote and WIFI router does not seems to noise, but I suspect that the WIFI router emits unwanted noise. Someone who has experience with it? I've read here on the forum that the Ethernet cable emits noise. Can it be a solution and install WIFI on remoterig?


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Re: RF NOISE AT 2-4 Mhz
« Reply #1 on: 2020-04-23, 12:12:45 »

Noise can come from everything and everywhere...
Have you tracked down your problem ?

Plug and unplug one cable after the other and at each end at a time...

I've had strange behaviors with shielded Ethernet cables (FTP or STP) producing more noise than unshielded  (UTP)...
You have to test, find the cause and find a solution..

Each case is different.

Good luck,
73 Patrick TK5EP