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Volume Control Issue
« on: 2014-11-06, 01:52:53 »
Hello All,

I am using the RRC1238 Mk2 S with 2.80 firmware. I remote a Kenwood TS-2000 in Canada, and I am in Hawaii. I have a minor but somewhat annoying problem with volume. The TS-2000 has a main receiver and sub receiver with separate volume and squelch controls. The sub receiver works perfectly, both volume and squelch. The main receiver does not. The squelch works properly but the volume control makes little or no difference. There is always some volume. I have tried to lower the volume with Ham Radio Deluxe, but turning it down to zero makes no difference that way either. My workaround now is to trn the squelch up all the way, but I would prefer it would work. Any ideas?

Thanks!   Gus  VE7GTC  K2GT


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Re: Volume Control Issue
« Reply #1 on: 2014-11-06, 08:16:19 »
Remoterig only transfers the control data, it does not change or interfere with it, so I think your problem is not a Remoterig problem.
There are a lot of user of TS-2000/Remoterig I hope any of them can answer your question, We do not have a TS-2000 here.

73 de mike