Author Topic: ts480 cw keying  (Read 5937 times)


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ts480 cw keying
« on: 2014-12-04, 02:06:08 »
I connect all cables as described in manual for cw keying but for some reason when I'm sending in cw mode its not keying the radio (it does key in fsk and fm mode ) can someone give me a hint what is wrong
I have a vox on and full break in
on radio side I'm using stereo plug where tip is connected to pin 5 and ground from plug goes to pin 8
(should I use mono since this is straight key connection?)
when I'm sending using paddle or computer in cw mode on control panel red tx goes on  but nothing coming out from radio on remote side


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Re: ts480 cw keying
« Reply #1 on: 2014-12-04, 04:47:59 »
Adam, here is my checklist for CW on the TS-480:

CW Checklist
on the radio RRC:
- under keyer settings, set PTT activated by keyer to YES
- under I/O settings, change OUT2 mode to KEYER

on the control RRC:
- under keyer settings, set enable to YES
- change other keyer settings as desired
- under I/O settings, set IN0 mode to KEYER

Make sure that the cable is connected between the radio RRC and rig's key jack. If possible,
use a mono plug on the rig side, since stereo can cause problems under certain situations (e.g. FSK).

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX