Author Topic: New default Port assignments ref Manual A32 Advanced settings pg 62  (Read 2985 times)


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I've been successfully using a K3/10 to control a remote K3/100 + KPA500 system for over two years.  It was configured using the settings in Manual A25 (2012 May 29).  In early Dec/14 a problem developed and I could no longer connect - when I pushed the POWER Sw on the K3/10 the following occurred: the K3/10  would switch on; VFO A would come on at the last frequency of use; Rx audio could be heard; the Power-On Banner would start to scroll but would stop partway.  At which point the Rx audio would stop and the banner text would change to read "TERM".   I'm not aware of any changes that were made by the ISP at this time and no one was at the remote site.

I was informed that this condition could be caused by the use of SIP Port 5060 and that there had been changes made in the default settings as described in Manual A32 (2014 Sept 17), Advanced Settings on pgs 62-65 and Portforwarding on pg 227.

A few days ago, a friend and the other user of the station made the changes re the Portfowarding  and yesterday I used the Advanced Setting tab in both the Control and Radio RRCs and changed the ports to the "New" default values.  The changes were accepted by both the Control and Radio RRC units because the Status page of each new reflects the updated port values.

Unfortunately it didn't fix the problem.  When I press the K3/10 Power Sw it still will not connect and "TERM" is displayed in the VFO B position.

I checked all the prior messages for 2014 and could only find one similar report on 18 Jun 2014 by N6NR.  However, his problem seemed to be sufficiently different to warrant a new topic message.

I would appreciate any comments or suggestion on further steps to take to get this resolved.

73,  Doug  VE3MV

 Further to the above, both the K3/10 & the K3/100 are running FW Ver 4.86 and both of the RRC-1258s are running FW Ver 2.72
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In general, if the system stops working, it is not due to the RRC's, but due to something in the environment. It is
usually a change in routers or providers, cabling, etc.

One thing you can check is the following:

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX