Author Topic: Remoterig limited LF audio response  (Read 2110 times)


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Remoterig limited LF audio response
« on: 2010-08-22, 00:24:52 »

I'm using the remoterig pair with great pleasure but have one remark:
The audio response seems quite limited at the low end of the audio spectrum.

The radio I use (an IC703) already has limited LF response, but I have a feeling the low frequency cutoff with Remoterig becomes cascaded.

I.o.w. Low frequencies are cut first at the radio HPF, than at the radio-RRC HPF and finally again at the CTRL-RRC. Net result (to my ears) is a very limited response of low frequency audio content.

I don't need hifi audio but a response from, say, 50Hz to 4/12kHz (depending on Fs) would be good for all modes, both for communications and SWLing. I am also planning to use my Icom R2500, which is used for AM/FM bradcast as well...

I hope Mike&Microbit will consider to make the HPF selectable for the Remoterig system, this will make it more versatile for non strictly communications audio.