Author Topic: TS-480 and RRCMicro COM 2 Port Problem  (Read 5047 times)


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TS-480 and RRCMicro COM 2 Port Problem
« on: 2015-04-28, 20:33:22 »
Howdy Gang - Bill K7MT in Helena, Mt.  Our TS-480 was updated to 2.85 a couple days ago and now I cannot get my ver 1.6 of RRC MICRO to connect to the remote radio. It was working great for the last two years. Com port is set for MODE 4 9600 8 n 1  kenwood terminator fd. RRC Micro is set up the same way. I can connect to the sip, get audio in out as displayed on the RRCMCRO software but no com2 with a green light to say it is connected. With out that connection Kenwood TS480 ARP-TS-480 software will not work.  What did we do wrong when the 2.85 update was installed on the remote rig to loose com 2 connection ????

I tried uninstalled 1.6 and loaded 1.7 on my XP computer and my Windows 7 Lap top and got the same results on both computers ????

Bill K7MT


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Re: TS-480 and RRCMicro COM 2 Port Problem
« Reply #1 on: 2015-04-29, 00:44:38 »
Hi Bill,

Are you saying that the other functions all work OK, except CAT? Have you tested it using another RRC?

If that is the case, I bet the serial cable came loose. I have seen this happen several times before.
Updating to a new version should not change anything at the radio end.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX