Author Topic: Convert RRC-1258MkII Radio to RRC-1258MkII Control  (Read 3673 times)


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I have a complete Remoterig setup functioning now on a TS-480. I wanted to have available another head setup to access the TS-480 from a different location. I have an extra individual 1258MkII RADIO box but it looks like I need the 1258MkII CONTROL box version instead to connect to my existing setup. Is it possible to reconfigure it to act as a control box? I don't need the CW speed control for this application. Thanks for any help.



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Re: Convert RRC-1258MkII Radio to RRC-1258MkII Control
« Reply #1 on: 2015-08-11, 11:32:22 »
No it's not possible, the hardware which handles the audio is different also

73 de mike