Author Topic: Yaesu twin ft2000 + ft2000d power ?  (Read 3160 times)


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Yaesu twin ft2000 + ft2000d power ?
« on: 2016-07-24, 01:59:24 »
Good evening !

I have question abut using in twin two Ft2k . Posible is using 200 W on master site when i control normal 100 W version ? I have never work with ft2k but I am thinking about change my ts 480 configuration . Any expirience with twin and  dmu 2000 ?


SQ6DX Peter


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Re: Yaesu twin ft2000 + ft2000d power ?
« Reply #1 on: 2016-07-24, 05:02:51 »
Hi Peter,

Yes, the control rig effectively becomes the remote one and has its features. I have used a couple of FT-2000's in the Twin
configuration and found it to be quite "clunky". There are a number of bugs that were never fixed in the firmware and make
it sometimes a bit of a problem. The DMU-2000 can not be remoted and is anyway a piece of garbage at that price. I have one
in the garage if someone wants one.

I replaced everything with K3's and that works perfectly. The used market for K3's is quite good now, since a lot of people are
upgrading to the K3s. You can get a fully loaded one for the radio end and a stripped down one on the control side and it works
great. Of course, a K3/0 mini or used K3/0 is even cheaper.

Just my personal opinion   ;)

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX