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Icom full features
« on: 2016-08-19, 00:23:17 »
I continue for the most part to be very pleased with the remoterig with my 7100. Originally I used the app during the trial period.

I found however I didn't feel the app was worth purchasing as many key features were not available. Many of these features have been requested already and I understand there is a process to development of the app and other priorities for the developers.

I do look forward to seeing a more full featured version of the app that would allow use of my radio with my auto tuner function and also access to the many pre-programmed memories, for use both HF and importantly VHF/UHF (repeaters).

The app now is a bit of a novelty, but is so limited it is not particularly useable.

Are there plans to expand the capability of the app with more features? I know others have expressed this. With such a great product it would be exciting to be able to use the system to its full capability.

Vancouver, BC

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