Author Topic: IC-7100 and remote rigs - Problems.  (Read 4436 times)


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IC-7100 and remote rigs - Problems.
« on: 2017-01-19, 05:24:32 »
Greetings all,

I am not able to get my IC-7100 and remote rigs to work at all. I have used RRC's with a TS480 in the past so I am familiar with this hardware but it was some time ago and maybe I am doing something stupid. 

I have an older IC-7100 unit pre Ser #02003001
I have tried with both a newer RRC 1258 Mk2 f/w 2.91
and also an older 1258Mk2 f/w 2.68

They both respond the same way:

I have followed the instructions on page 106 of the manual (Rev A37 2016). I have read this over and over again!

When you press the power button on the radio, there is a relay click sound coming from the radio body and the LED light on the AUX/Mic for a short while but the radio doesn't power up.

I have read about the 1258M module but I am not sure that would stop this from at least powering up.

Anyone have any ideas? I am stumped....


de Ian W6TCP


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Re: IC-7100 and remote rigs - Problems.
« Reply #1 on: 2017-01-19, 08:13:34 »

if the radio clicks, the power on signal comes through, but not the data and keep alive messages, then the Radio switch off again after 100 ms. Probably it's the red straps which are connected wrong or broken, or the baud rate is set wrong.

If the 1258M is needed but not in place the radio starts but no control works, and the speaker is muted.

You can send me pictures of the strapping and exported settings (html) files if you wan't me to have a look

73 de mike