Author Topic: RRC-Nano with K3  (Read 3231 times)


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RRC-Nano with K3
« on: 2017-02-21, 04:49:12 »
I am using the RRC-Nano with my K3 and am using a Samsung Galaxy SM-J320V.  It installed with no problems and was easy to figure out how to use.  I have a fixed IP.  I have spent a lot of time and money having a very nice station at W0SD so this is just the coolest that I can use my station from all over the world traveling, RVing, boating, portable, etc.  Being able to do CW and having some memories would be nice but it is extremely useful as is.  Great for keeping in touch, making schedules and keeping track of DX-Peditions.

A nice product that I will use a lot!  Ed W0SD