Author Topic: New firmware for RRC-1258all = v2.30  (Read 18130 times)


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New firmware for RRC-1258all = v2.30
« on: 2010-12-16, 16:36:33 »
There is a new version v2.30 available for the RCC:s

New features:
- Profiles, you can save 5 different setups as profiles in the RRC and easily change between them.
- Backup and Restore Setup, You can store a setup at your PC, and restore it to your RRC if needed.
- New CW-keyer mode = Iambic A2, for you who have had problem with the old A and B, pse try.
- New PTT output in CW. One of the outputs can be configured to activate when CW-keying,
   it will go active immediately, so if you set a key-delay you can get it to key your PA prior to the CW keying.
- Support for Ericsson/Niros C5x (needs extra hardware).

- No bugs are known.

73 de mike
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