Author Topic: configuration for digital modes using RRC-1258MkII and K3/0-Mini  (Read 2925 times)


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Hi everybody,

can anymody provide some information how to configure RRC-1258MKIIs control and remote units for enabling "remote digital operation".

I use the K3/0-Mini and RRC-1258MKII on control side, and the RRC-1258MKII together with the Elecraft K3 on the remote radio side.

Info regarding:
the settings in the RRC-1258 and cabling between Radio and RRC (both sides) would really be appreciated.

On the control side (K3/0-Mini) I suppose just to have to setup an sound-card interface between the MIC and SPKRS jack of the K3/0-Mini and the PC running the digital decoder software, correct?, or do I need something else, maybe CAT/KEYER interface and seriell COMs?

this stuff is really confusing with all the possible RRC settings and the interaction with decoder software and CAT control.  >:( :'(

The basic question which I also have not undertood is, how the digital interface is implemented in RRC, is it based on CAT/PTT keying or modulated audio-transmitting using the VOX on the remote radio? (sorry for the maybe "stupid" question, but I am relly not familar with this concepts)

thanks in advance
73 de DL1SPE


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Hi Jürgen,

There is already a lot of information on here if you were to search the forum. To summarize:

Just use the soundcard interface as you would on a normal rig and plug into the control RRC's SP and AUX/MIC
jacks. The USB serial ports have no influence, since the RRC does not provide sound over USB. Only FSK can be
generated via USB, so all soundcard modes must be used in this manner.

CAT is completely separate and can be implemented on the K3 Twin setup by setting both RRC's COM1 to mode-7
and using the control RRC's COM1 for CAT control. This can be using either a "real" serial cable, or changing COM1
in the RRC to use USB and then use the RRC's virtual serial port.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX


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K3/0-Mini has a built in USB sound card, see
        The K3/0-Mini comes with everything required for interfacing to a PC via USB connection.

The K3-Remote Owner's Manual's%20Manual%20%20Rev%20D.pdf says in the chapter: Loading K3/0-Mini USB Drivers

        Manual Driver Installation
        Three drivers are required:
         USB audio CODEC (Included in Windows OS and should load automatically).

I have been told on the Elecraft mailing list that Audio In and Audio Out is reversed in the K3/0-Mini USB sound card. This means the K3/0-Mini USB sound card does not work with Remoterig boxes. It seems that Elecraft is not going to correct this error.

I have considered using two Virtual Audio Cables to criss cross Audio In and Out, but so far this does not work. However Google is still my friend...

73, Palle, OZ1RH.