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choppy tx audio
« on: 2018-03-05, 00:40:41 »
i have  an remote rig setup with two control heads  using a kenwood ts2000 they both work great when in the house  one is wired and one has a wifi card in it for portable use  i ordered a franklin wifi hot spot on sprint network after testing it using my galaxy s7's hot spot on sprint  it worked great on the phone but now that i switched over to the franklin hot spot  i am told it sounds like i have a cards stuck in a bike spokes choppy on tx only  i did a speed test on the franklin hot spot and it came back 29 ms ping 6 mg up 3 mg down my phone would not even  do 2mg down  and .5 up
i ordered the hot spot because i could get it cheaper than leaving the hot spot on my phone on they wanted 50.00 for 5 gig on my phone ..i found a way to get the franklin hot spot for 20.00 a month unlimited this is why i switched,,  any tricks i should try?