Author Topic: Keyer problems after RRC software update (TS-480)  (Read 3901 times)


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Keyer problems after RRC software update (TS-480)
« on: 2011-01-23, 10:44:58 »

I - and some other friends using remote rig - made a software update to release 2.033 yesterday
(Control and Radio Side of course). Now we can't use the KEYER mode of the TS-480.
When we use CW with the internal keyer, we hear the CW tone in the monitor, but the
TRX don't switch to transmit mode. When we switch the KEYER in the RRC Control menue to NO
(it is straight key mode) and we use a external keyer (Winkeyer etc.) or Straight Key - everything
works fine. Also SSB with PTT switch works good.

Who knows the reason?

The VOX on the TS-480 is ON of course.

73! Andy, DL5CW


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Re: Keyer problems after RRC software update (TS-480)
« Reply #1 on: 2011-01-23, 16:31:45 »
If you have updated many versions you probably need to select which output the keyer should control. This is done under the IO menu in the Radio-RRC

73 demike