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Random connection problem
« on: 2018-05-20, 22:25:08 »
I have had flawless performance from my remote K3 twin setup for two years. Virtually never a connection issue.
Over the last week I have started having a new problem connecting to the remote.
This is a RANDOM issue...sometime I can connect with no issue, other times I cannot establish a SIP connection. Yesterday I was able to connect on and off repeatedly with NO problem. Now, again today I am having the issue again.
I am almost certain this is NOT a problem with the RCC units. I expect it may be an issue with my WISP at the remote.

I am asking here to see if anyone else has had a similar problem and discovered a solution. Here is the detail:

1.) When I power up the K3 mini at the control, the remote radio will not respond and I get the dreaded "two-tone" connection error sound. (I have remote cameras at the station and can see that the radio is not coming on).
2.) I know it is not an IP problem because I can access the RCC 1258 Radio GUI, and have rebooted the RCC remote unit, but this does not seem to help.
3.) I reboot the control RCC and this doesn't seem to help.
4.) I have tried to connect using the rcc mini dongle using my laptop, and cannot connect that way either. Probably not a problem at the control end.
5.) Occasionally when I do a reboot of the remote WISP router (I can access the remote station LAN via Teamviewer) it will help and I can then connect, but not always. It seems sometimes after a few reboots it will work. It seems like randomly the SIP connection has a problem initializing.

I have talked to my WISP tech people and they assure me there have been no hardware or network changes in the last few days. It seems like it might have something to do with my LAN or WISP router, but NOTHING HAS CHANGED in the last week since this problem started. I have experience flawless connection for 2 years.

Anyone else experienced this?

de steve ve6wz.


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Re: Random connection problem
« Reply #1 on: 2018-06-12, 12:31:38 »
Sounds like an internet problem with variable delay either at your control end or at the radio end. May be a big down or upload is running? You can get an indication of your internet connections by checking ping time with

73, Palle, OZ1RH.


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Re: Random connection problem
« Reply #2 on: 2018-06-12, 19:02:30 »
Steve- I had some of the same problems that you have.  Sometimes it would connect, sometimes it wouldn't connect.  Sometimes it would connect and work for awhile, then lose connection and stop working.  In my RRC Control unit, I had it set for a static IP address.  There were no conflicts- it had its own IP address.  I changed that to a DHCP IP address, and let the router assign it.  My connection problem was now gone.

Don't ask me why, but that was all it took.  I couldn't correspond the change with any new router firmware, Win10 update, or Internet changes- but that fixed the problem.  YMMV.

Dennis W1UE