Author Topic: Kenwood TM-D700 Nano app compatible ?  (Read 3977 times)


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Kenwood TM-D700 Nano app compatible ?
« on: 2018-12-27, 19:10:56 »
Does anyone know if it`s possible to connect the Kenwood Nano app directly to the RRC-1258MKII Kenwood TM-D700 ?

Here some info:

My Kenwood NANO app version 1.6.2 works fine to my Kenwood TS-2000. Phone is a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with Android 8.0.0.
Works very good on WIFI , 3G, 4G internet to the TS-2000.

Settings in the radio RRC-1258MKII:

- Software 2.91
- COM 2 on 9600 Baud
- Mode 4 (Kenwood, Yaesu, Elecraft)

The following settings i tried for the Kenwood TM-D700:

- I am able to connect with the front of the Kenwood TM-D700 on the RRC-1258MKII controller flawless to the TM-D700 on different Baudrates
- Kenwood TM-D700 has the serial number 40500050 and G2.0 firmware.
- TM-D700 front connect without any trouble to my TS-2000. Direct in the TTL of the TS-2000 on the back and also with the RRC-1258MKII radio unit.

Now the trouble:

When i trying to connect the Kenwood NANO app from my phone with the TM-D700 i do get the connection to the RRC-1258MKII radio buth my TM-D700 front does not jump ON.
Running COM 2 on different baudrates and programmed the TM-D700 also on the right Baudrate as the RRC-1258MKII.

Tried different mode programs in the RRC-1258MKII and sure i using the right COM cable from the TM-D700 serial to the RRC1258.
Does anyone got the Kenwood NANO app working to the Kenwood TM-D700 ?

Please give my a reply :-)

73 PD1DL

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