Author Topic: YAESU version new features  (Read 6633 times)


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YAESU version new features
« on: 2019-07-01, 17:43:42 »
Problems to solve:
- Switch on the radio after connect
- VFO and Mode doesn't work
- Audio doesn't work when connecting data phone via wifi (SIP audio port error)
New features:
- Possibility to create your own macros (some kind of function keys) using CAT commands.
   It will be perfect to use only functions that you really need (for example ATU, DNR, Mic gain, Repeater shift ...).
- Select ON/OFF switch off radio when disconnect (now automatically radio is disconnected)
- Improve Smeter graphic display (bars will be much better) also show TX information (ALC, PWR, SWR)

Tested with YAESU FT-991