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OUT0 mode "connect"
« on: 2011-03-06, 10:03:11 »
When using the out 0 mode "connect" to activate a relay when connecting to the remote device, I use a small low current relay to drive a much larger relay to turn the DC on to the rig. My setup is solar so need to turn the rig off when it is not in use. All fine.

However, when I turn the rig off by disconnecting the control RCC, the remote relay does not always release so that the rig does not turn off. I traced the problem in the remote RCC to the doide D10 connected between the drain of T1 and the 8-9V. What happens is that when T1 goes open, 12V from the hot side of my small relay feeds current via D10 to the 8-9V line with sufficient current to hold the small relay. This will always happen if an external higher DC voltage is used from the external relay.

Thus, I cut the track between the drain of T1 and D10 to stop this current from the 12V relay going to the 8-9V line and all is fixed.

Further, I cannot see any reason to have D10 connected in such a fashion as it does not seem to serve any purpose.

The RCC control and remote and the relay control work just fine without it. If a larger relay is used with a lower coil resistance then the current may not be enough to hold the relay closed but the coil voltage will be fed back into the remote RCC and on to the 8-9V line, which is probably not desirable.

Ideas ??
Andrew, VK3OE


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Re: OUT0 mode "connect"
« Reply #1 on: 2011-03-06, 18:19:06 »

You have right D10 should not have been mounted when the Relay is not mounted. I will change it in the BOM for the next production batch. No one have recognized it before, thank you.

73 de mike/sm2o


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Re: OUT0 mode "connect"
« Reply #2 on: 2011-07-22, 13:11:33 »
I too have had this problem - I have been using OUT0 to drive a DL4KH sequencer where the 'gnd on TX' input pulls a PNP transistor circuit down. The input is held up to 12V with a 2.2K resistor so that the 8-9V via D10 easily switched it over. As a 'quick fix' I added a series resistor to limit the pull-down but now that I understand the issue I will probably use a 4.7V Zener diode in series with the sequencer input.
John G4SWX