Author Topic: Another CW keying dropout oddity  (Read 772 times)


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Another CW keying dropout oddity
« on: 2019-12-24, 01:53:59 »
I'm trying to solve my remote CW keying dropouts. Yes, I know the standard procedures and answers. My config info is below. But here is an unusual behavior. Keying on the Control side is via the I/O connector using a hand key, bug, etc.  When continuously key-down, I hear in the RRC-generated sidetone an exactly 1 pulse per second dropout, with approximately a 99.5% duty cycle. This happens whether the remote connection is established or not.

When keying the remote K3, actual on-air keying also may have these same dropouts, but with a probability of about 20%. Sending dits at 30 WPM results in either missing or extended dits at a rate of about 10 errors per minute. I sound like an idiot on the air. Meanwhile, received audio quality is excellent and audible dropouts are very rare.

So this seems to have something to do with the Control side alone, I suspect. Has anyone ever heard this? If this is a real error, I think my keying dropouts may NOT be due to a network packet loss problem.

Experimenting with LF delay and Key delay, they make NO difference in the keying error rate or dropouts, all they way up to their maximum allowed values. Again, this sounds more like a problem with packet production than transmission.

Network performance:
Control side, Comcast cable: 65 Mbps down, 5 up,  BufferBloat rating A+
Remote, WISP: 66 down, 74 up, BufferBloat rating C
PingPlotter RTT 14 ms, jitter 4 ms.
Running a 200 Hz UDP packet error loss tester on the uplink, I currently see 4.5 dropped packets per minute with the network at normal load. We will be investigating this in the near future because I think it's excessive. But hey, it's UDP...

Details on RRC boxes. Program mode = K3 Twin.
Serial number 12395
Product   1258
PID   4
Version   7
HW   8
Software   2.91
Bootloader   1.13
Compiler   4.6.2
Build   Jun 16 2016 07:13:13
Last WD Reset 9
RTP mode = Continuous
LF delay = 60
Key delay = 40

Serial number 4359
Product   1258
PID   4
Version   5
HW   6
Software   2.91
Bootloader   1.9
Compiler   4.6.2
Build   Jun 16 2016 07:13:13
Last WD Reset   4027053737   <-- What is this huge number?
RTP mode = Continuous

-Gary NA6O