Author Topic: TX audio suddenly disappeared.  (Read 549 times)


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TX audio suddenly disappeared.
« on: 2020-02-14, 10:44:04 »

I have been a happy remoterig user for some years now, but now my Kenwood TS-480 suddenly stopped transmitting audio.

I have full control of my TS-480.
The receiver audio is fine and works great in RX.
The PTT keys the transmitter.
But when I speak into the microphone the TX audio never reaches the TS-480 at the radio site.

When the microphone is connected directly to the TS-480 transceiver-unit at the radio site the audio is fine.
So the TS-480 seems to be ok.

I tried to replace the microphone cable between the RRC and TS-480 without any luck.
I also checked the “little red straps” inside the RRC, but didn’t found any problems here.

When using  the RRC-Nano on my phone I experience exactly the same.
Connect ok. RX sound ok. PTT ok, but no TX audio.   

I know from other threads regarding this issue, that the problem may has something to do with my router setup.
I have checked the settings in my router, and as far as I can tell, it seems to be ok.
But there is a LOT of settings in the router and I am not an expert, so maybe I miss something.

I notice my RX sound is ok, so I believe this tells me that my audio port in my router is working ok.
(UDP port 13001. Not sure if this port are bipolar and works both ways (RX and then TX))

I have copied and pasted the status from the RRC at the radio site under this text.
The numbers in quotes are some earlier numbers I have printed from my starting setup some time ago, and I see some difference in the numbers for audio ports.
I think the both the RRC’s was inside the same LAN at that time I made the print.
Will some of this tell me anything useful to help me solve the problem?

P5.2   ON
Connection status OK
SIP status   Connected/transfering
Last SIP error   None
RTP status   Excellent(60)
UDP cmd status   OK(45)
SIP command timeout   0
Rx Jitter buffer size   7
Rx Jitter delay   5
Dual Rx   0
Current audio packet size   40
Current audio quality   0 - alaw 8 kHz
External IP
SIP Out port   10803    ”1300”
SIP In port   13000   
Audio Out port   10804    ”0”
Audio In port   13001    ”0”
Command Out port   10805    ”0”
Command In port   13002
External SIP In port   13000
External Audio In port   13001
External Cmd In port   13002
Other party
Input 1   High
Input 2   High
Output 0   Low
Output 1   Low
Output 2   Low
Dynamic DNS status
Ping status (watchdog)   Off
DNS status   OK, =
Active profile   Default
PTT status   ON
Antenna-Switch (IP)   not connected
Common network settings   No
System messages   Yes

I hope that someone can help me further in my troubleshooting, and help me bring back my TX audio..:-)



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Re: TX audio suddenly disappeared.
« Reply #1 on: 2020-02-14, 11:01:26 »
If you do not get audio both from the Control-RRC and the Nano-app the problem is in the radio end. I would guess either the red straps are missplaced or broken or you have set codec gain to 0 by misstake. If you get PTT it's not a router problem, PTT and audio goes trough the same port

73 de mike


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Re: TX audio suddenly disappeared.
« Reply #2 on: 2020-02-15, 08:03:07 »

Thanks for your quick reply mike.

It was exactly the idea to check for the Codec gain that made it all work again.
Why the Codec gain  has set itself to "0" I really don't know, but right now it doesn’t matter..:-)
I am just so happy to see it all work again.

I put the Codec gain back to 255 as I knew it has been before, and the audio was back immediately.
Thanks again for your assistance.
Have a nice weekend,