Author Topic: RESOLVED -Receive audio motorboating, CW is solid carrier on XMIT  (Read 341 times)


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In case anyone else ever runs into this RARE problem...

Upon a close inspection inside the Radio interface it was discovered that one of the jumpers that is configured to match up to the TS-480S was corroded at the connection point. Upon resolving that issue everything returned to normal.
I have owned and operated two remotes basically since RemoteRig hit the market. I use the TS-480s at both remote sites and have had to resolve many issues through the years but I am stuck on this one.

The ISP at one radio location recently changed out their equipment to a cable modem/router.  The connection to the radio box from the remote control box is still excellent however after the iSP change, if I turn the gain on the control side higher than approximately 11:00 o’clock the receive audio motorboats. Also if the cw paddle is keyed to dots or dashes, the remote radio Generates a continuous carrier for as long as the paddle is keyed. If you listen very closely to the transmitted signal you can detect very faint dots or dashes in the background through the constant carrier. The same is true if connecting from control to radio within network.

Has anyone else ran across this? I contacted Mitch about this a couple of months ago and this was a new one to him as well.
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