Author Topic: New software for the RRC-Micro PC client released (v1.1.6)  (Read 16413 times)


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  • JitterSize and JitterDelay was ignored in some situations
  • A debug print error in Gateway
  • Profile dialog did not show up on a new fresh installation. Only on updates.
  • Some bugs when moving between New, Save, Delete in Profile dialog

  • Icon's for Mic and Speaker. Mic is now Red when active.
  • Settings dialog is now loaded at program start and not when  settings button is clicked
  • Logging is now faster (took up to 25% CPU previously). It now takes less that 1% CPU.
  • Default buffer multiplier is now set to 1 instead of 2 when a new Profile is created.
  • Program now restart if Debug is turned on

  • A Loading screen while loading the program.
  • Now restarts at same screen position as last time