Author Topic: Basic Icom Microphone Configuration  (Read 2734 times)


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Basic Icom Microphone Configuration
« on: 2021-01-29, 20:17:30 »
Page 103 of the current RRC User Manual (Rev.A40) for Icom CI-C indicates a jumper installed for PWR(8v)--> to pin 1 of the AUX/MIC connector as well as the installation of JMP1 which provides DC directly to the MIC<-- pin (RJ-45 pin 6) on the configuration header. Granted, I'm not familiar with all Icom microphones but, for those that don't communicate via data streams, the majority require the charge to the electret element to be provided by pin 1 of the AUX/MIC and RJ-45 connector and not by the microphone connection (RJ-45 pin 6). However, Program Mode prescribed on page 104 of the manual indicates setting 1 - ICOM CI-V but this mode appears to not switch on MOSFET T5 (see page 234 of the manual) so there is no voltage at PWR(8v) on the configuration header or, it is possible that my RRC Contol is defective. Does anyone have a similar experience and, if so, how was it solved.