Author Topic: Menu items for CW paddle and CW straight key, to allow INx to OUTx control  (Read 3810 times)


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Currently no Control INx to Radio OUTx connection for other use (e.g. control of remote equipment) is possible when using the internal keyer.

In most cases only the paddles (2 lines) or straight key (1 line is used), leaving a possibility for other use of the remaining (and not used) IN - OUT connections. (e.g. control of remote equipment)

Proposed feature:

Add 2 menu items for I/O
1 : CW paddle, leaving one IN - OUT relation free for other use
2 : Straight key, leaving two IN - OUT relations free for other use.

This way external remote equipment can be controled without the need of a PC (Radio OUT - web page)
and will enhance the user experience and ease of use considerably.

For those who want to keep the present situation (which uses all possible IN-OUT) the Keyer menu item could remain

73 Henk