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Setup problem
« on: 2021-05-28, 02:50:07 »
Iíve been using remote rig setup before and was working very well but I moved and now Iím trying to setup all again even Iíve done this before Iím having difficulty can someone please tell what Iím doing incorrectly here is setup
Webswitch1216h I set up dns setup with own host provided be remoterig and relays along with yeasu controller working ok next I try to setup RC1216 to control antenna I used same steps dns setup in menu create own host etc. Iíve forwarded  new port in router and every time Iím using created domain always got rotator page coming up what Iím missing ? Steppir is working and is accessible ok locally using ip
Also for webswitch1216h I used port 80 and I did forward in router for RC1216 I used port 9000 and same I did forward port 9000 and ip